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HARPS FOR HOPE Taking the Tune Workshops

Taking the Tune Workshop: Harping Together
Workshop with Deirdre Ní Bhuachalla
Wednesday 5th August, 5pm
We are not charging a fee for these workshops. However we would appreciate if you could make a donation to Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland. You can donate at this link https://www.harpireland.ie/donate/

Deirdre brings harp ensemble music to you and teaches you the three parts of ‘Suantraí’.
Download the Suantraí music score from www.80dayspublishing.com


05 Aug - 02 Sep 2021  5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lá na Cruite | Harp Day 2021, live Sat 16th Oct 2021: Join us on Facebook or YouTube