Humans of the Harp | Aisling Lyons

What is your name / where are you from?
Aisling Lyons from County Clare.

How did you start playing the harp?
I remember hearing a sound down the halls of the house I was going to for tin whistle lessons. I never heard it before but I was drawn to it! I wandered down the corridors looking to find where the sound was coming from & I found a harp lesson going on. I’ve been obsessed with the harp ever since!

What does the harp mean to you?
The harp is special to me. It can act as a vessel for releasing emotions or forms of expression – sadness, joy, love, excitement. It can be a form of communication and transportation at times. It can bring you to a place of mindfulness or ‘mindlessness’, depending on what you need at that time.

What do you like most about Lá na Cruite | Harp Day?
The community aspect of harping – bringing harps together in a place where they don’t have to compete, only to support each other in celebrating how strong harping is globally today!