Promoting Our Harp Tradition

It’s exciting times for everybody involved with the harp in Ireland; numbers of harp players are increasing year on year, the demand for Irish-made harps is growing, and the harp features prominently at festivals, in concerts, in workshops and at sessions all over the country.

The harp is our national symbol and we are proud that it holds a special place in people’s hearts. Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland’s mission aims to raise awareness of this more than one thousand-year-old harp tradition, share its repertoire and make sure that we celebrate it at every opportunity.

Therefore, our National Harp Day initiative sets out to promote the harp, make it more accessible, encourage more people to learn it, and attract new audiences to experience its music. It is an ideal chance for it to be played and heard in all corners of Ireland, and farther afield.

National Harp Day 2018

We had a marvellous response from harpers all over Ireland for National Harp Day 2018.  Audiences from Donegal to Dingle, from Belfast to Bandon were treated to the wonderful sound of harp-playing at concerts, sessions, harpathons, pop-up sessions, talks and demonstrations of harp making.  Harping friends in the Isle of Man, Greece, the USA, and as far away as New Zealand joined us to acknowledge our national instrument.

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