The Charity Governance Code

Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland has adopted and is compliant with The Charity Governance Code.


CÉHI Constitution | Memorandum of Association

Companies Act 2014 | Constitution of Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland

Download the Memorandum of Association at the link below:

CEHI Constitution 29 March 2020


Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland’s Guiding Principles for Fundraising

Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland is committed to transparency and accountability in all our work.

These voluntary principles aim to:

  • improve fundraising practice
  • promote high levels of accountability and transparency in fundraising
  • provide clarity and assurances to donors about the organisations they support.

Read our Donor Charter, Feedback and Complaints Procedure and details of how we comply with these principles.

CEHI Guiding Principles for Fundraising 2021


Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland’s Feedback and Complaints Procedure 2021

Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland is committed to ensuring that all communications and dealings with our stakeholders, supporters and the general public are of the highest possible standard. We listen and respond to your views so that we can continually improve our services.
Download or read our Feedback and Complaints Procedure PDF at the link below:

CEHI Feedback and Complaints Procedure 2021

CÉHI Guiding Principles and Child Safeguarding Procedures

Cruit Éireann/Harp Ireland has set out their Guiding Principles and Child Safe-guarding Procedures. Our guiding principles apply to everyone in Cruit Éireann/Harp Ireland. This statement includes our Reporting Procedure and Internal procedures for dealing with a worker/volunteer who is the subject of an allegation of abuse.

Read or download our statement at this link below:

CEHI Guiding Principles & Child Safeguarding Procedures 2021