Harp Ireland in Guadalajara, Mexico

Cruit Éireann | Harp Ireland were honoured to represent Ireland at the Guadalajara International Book Fair at the end of November. This year, the EU was the Guest of Honour at the Book Fair, and CÉHI were delighted to bring harper and sean nós singer Séamus Ó Flatharta, and early Irish harper Siobhán Armstrong to Guadalajara to perform and tell the unique story of the harp in Ireland. Many thanks to the Arts Council, Heritage Council and Culture Ireland for their support.

Musical Marvel at FIL Guadalajara:

On Wednesday 29th November, Cruit Éireann | Harp Ireland organised an Irish harp performance to a capacity 4,000 Mexican audience. Siobhán Armstrong performed and informed locals of the almost 1000 year-old history of the harp in Ireland, and the ancient music associated with the instrument here. She was joined by Seámus Ó Flatharta for a series of sean nós and old harp songs, before he performed a selection of dance music and airs on Irish harp. A standing ovation reflected the warm welcome Cruit Éireann | Harp Ireland received in Guadalajara, and we were delighted to connect with Latin-American harpers on our trip. Without doubt, Irish harpin, a living tradition with UNESCO recognition shone bright on the stage of the second largest book fair in the world.


A Memorable Morning with Local Students:

As part of our cultural exchange, Séamus Ó Flatharta performed harp music for  over 50 local school children at the Irish stand on Thursday 30th November. Also learning some Irish through the song Cailleach an Airgid, Séamus gave these young Mexican school children a lesson in Irish harping not to forget!