MEAI Update 04/08/20

The Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland had a positive and successful meeting today with Minister for Employment Affairs & Social Protection Heather Humphreys and Ciaran Cannon TD.
MEAI outlined the many issues affecting our members who are unable to work as a direct result of Covid-19 guidelines.

The Minister is fully understanding of the problems facing the workers in the Music & Entertainment sector and gave her assurances that her Department would give every assistance they can to help people through this crisis.

The Minister has agreed to a dedicated team within the Department to deal with workers in the Industry.

She also clarified that musicians & entertainers could accept sporadic work without it affecting their PUP.

The Department would also make entitlements under other Welfare schemes available to PUP if they are applicable and if the applicant fulfils the existing criteria.

The Minister also promised to re-examine the ‘Professional Artist on Jobseeker’s Allowance scheme with a view to making it more widely available.

MEAI fully welcome the Minister’s understanding and commitment of support to this sector where she assured the us that her Department would work closely with MEAI to ensure that the workers would be fully aware of the range of schemes available to them so they would be able to avail of the most appropriate scheme for their circumstances.”