Michael Rooney

Michael Rooney grew up in Scotstown, Co. Monaghan and now lives in Sligo where he has become part of the musical and cultural bedrock of the region. He is recognised as one of the most influential and innovative stylists on the harp, and his virtuosic technique as well as his approach to rhythm and harmony have helped to reposition it as a popular and integral part of the living tradition. He is also established as a significant composer of music for small and large-scale ensembles & orchestras. He was announced as the TG4 Composer of the Year 2017.

His output is impressive and includes four publications of recent suites, as well as thirteen major suites for harp and ensemble or orchestra. Among the highlights of his recent orchestral and ensemble compositions are ‘Constance’ (Nov 2019), The Famine Suite (2019), The De Cuellar Suite (2011), The Reconciliation Suite (2015) and The Macalla Suite (2016). He is a significant composer and arranger of new music including impressive large-scale orchestral works that have ambitiously combined traditional musicians with professional classical players.