Oisín Morrison

What is your name / where are you from?
My name is Oisín Morrison and I’m from Rathfarnham, Dublin.

How did you start playing the harp?
I was ten or eleven and I went to a music workshop looking to attend the tin whistle class but unfortunately, or fortunately as fate would have it, it was full. I was asked if there was another instrument that I’d like to try out for the week. I had seen the harp on the way in and I thought to myself sure it would be a bit of fun trying it out and sure enough, I was hooked after the first day. Shortly after that, my parents investigated harp makers in the area and as it happened, the late great Colm Ó Meachar’s workshop was in Marley Park, across the road from where we lived. After meeting Colm, everything seemed to fall into place. I had a beautiful harp made by Colm and I was lucky enough to attend harp classes with a variety of teachers in Craobh Náithí, our local Comhaltas branch, including Michael Rooney, Niamh Denmead, Lindsay Moynagh and Aisling Ennis. I was also very lucky to attend classes with Áine Ní Dhubhghail in the RIAM.

What does the harp mean to you?
The harp was, and still is, my go-to instrument during difficult or stressful times. Music, for me, is all about expression and the harp, with its boundless potential for melody, harmony, rhythm etc., has given me that platform in such a way that normal conversation has failed me. 

What do you like most about Lá na Cruite | Harp Day?
I love listening to the variety of wonderful music that all the different harpers across all genres are creating. Seeing all the events and concerts in person or online is a great opportunity to learn and get inspired.