The Historical Harp Society of Ireland | Hands on Harp Workshop | 16 October

The HHSI ‘Hands on Harps!’ workshop takes place Saturday, 16th October 2021

To celebrate Lá na Cruite / Harp Day, on 16th October, we are offering a FREE live 75-minute Zoom workshop in association with Cruit Éireann / Harp Ireland: Hands on Harps!
Presented by Dr Karen Loomis
Saturday, 16th October at 3.00 p.m. (Irish time)

This hands-on early Irish harp workshop will explore where the historical harpers placed their hands on their harps. We’ll start with an exercise with your own harp that will bring you a greater awareness of your performance practice, then look at the evidence on some of the old harps and delve into what that tells us about how these harps were played. We’ll practice using that information to inform your own playing style. Afterwards, we’ll look at some of the other signs of use players have left behind, and what those can tell us about the life stories of these historical harps. This workshop is suitable for all levels of playing experience.

If you would like to attend, send an email to and you will be sent the Zoom joining link prior to the event.

Note: this event will be recorded.

Suitable for all levels. Further details HERE.