The Historical Harp Society of Ireland Hollybrook Project | 17 March 2021

The HHSI Hollybrook Project

To celebrate Ireland’s national holiday on Wednesday, 17th March, the Historical Harp Society of Ireland will be hosting an interactive, live event 2.00–3.00 p.m. Irish time to unveil the results of our ground-breaking, 2020 scientific survey of an eighteenth-century harp at The National Museum of Ireland.

Project leader, Dr. Karen Loomis, will give a personal tour around the online database and all its resources: including 3D scans, a comprehensive set of 1:1 scale views and cross sections of the harp, a contour map of soundboard thickness, and over 1600 photographs and images (including curated and processed photographs of the newly rediscovered decorative work!), plus information on the project, as well as write-ups on construction, stringing, tuning pins, decorative work, history, and soundbox wear marks. All organised for ease of navigation, and available for download as an HHSI publicly accessible resource.

Join us on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 966 3519 6822
Passcode: 296650