The Monarch Cycle | Harp Day 2021

All the way from the US comes the Monarch Project; an ambitious pre-recorded project from harpers there, inspired by the Monarch butterfly’s tripartite, migratory-life cycle and composed by award-winning early harper, Ann Heyman and arranged by harper Marta Cook.

The Monarch Cycle: Participants:
Ann Heymann, composer, Minnesota
Marta Cook, arranger, producer, audio and video editing, Zhigaagoong/ Chicago
Áine Lynch, Olney, Maryland
Adi, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Beth Richard, El Granada, California
Charlotte Ling, Atlanta, Georgia
Faolan Rogers, Madison, Wisconsin
Jane Johnson, Lexington, Kentucky
Kimberly Murphy Wilbanks, Lombard, Illinois
Laura Zaerr, Corvallis, Oregon
Lorinda Jones, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Marian Birch, Port Angeles, Washington
Mary Bailey, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Megan Krause, Midlothian, Illinois
Ossian Rogers, Madison, Wisconsin
Peggy Mohr, Harrison, Michigan
Riley Fitzpatrick, Maryland
Seumas Gagne, Seattle, Washington
Siobhán O’Malley, Stillwater, Minnesota
Tina Scholz, Colfax, Washington